Age of Ishtaria Hack (Android/iOS)

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Age of Ishtaria Hack (Android/iOS)

Create your own combos and destroy your enemy with our new Age of Ishtaria Hack. Our working Age of Ishtaria Hack will let you have Crowns, Sacred Stones and Gimmels for FREE, all you have to do is to follow our simple step by step instructions that can be found bellow this post. Our Age of Ishtaria Hack has 2 version, the PC version and the browser version, but we recommend that you use the PC version. Both version will let you get free resources on you Android and iOS and you don’t even have to root/jailbreak your device. It also has a built-in proxy features that will help secure the account of anyone who uses our latest hack.

If you’re having problem using our Age of Ishtaria Hack, please don’t hesitate to let us know by sending us an email or by going to our Contact Us page and we will be very happy to help!!!


age of ishtaria hack

What are the Features?

 Unlimited Crowns
Unlimited Sacred Stones
Unlimited Gimmel
Working on Android and iOS (no need to root/jailbreak your device)
With Built-in Proxy features
User Friendly

How to Use?

Note: This guide is for PC (desktop/laptop) users only
Download the Age of Ishtaria Hack .rar and extract it in your Desktop (you will need winrar to extract the files)
Now start the Age of Ishtaria Hack .exe
Now put the amount of Crowns, Sacred Stones and Gimmel in the Resources field
Select a Device (Android/iOS)
Put your Google Play or Game Center ID in the account info field (Depending on which device you have)
Click Start
Activate the hack using the activation key (activation key is included in the folder)
To get more keys, you have to complete a simple offer that we have given to you.
wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

Download Age of Ishtaria Hack

download now

PC exe


age of ishtaria hack screenshot

age of ishtaria hack screenshot2

Game Description

*Finally the TRUE Action Battle RPG (A.Battle RPG) you’ve been waiting for!*
Mix up devastating attacks to create your own combos! Launch your enemies into the air before slamming them back into the ground? OK! Or lock them into submission with powerful debuffs? It’s all up to you!

Over 400 Units drawn by incredible illustrators.

The illustrator Team

An all-star cast of both veteran artists and hot, new talent breath life into these stunning characters!!

(in no particular order)
Llo, COGA, nikuball, Ixy, Azumi Tohru, Kawaku, Matayoshi, Saburo, Yumenosiki, Maekawa Yuichi, Kuramoto Kaya, Suzuki Jiro, Makai no Jumin, Toru Takaya, itiyann, GODTAIL, Higuri Yu, KeG, and many more!


“This is the Kingdom our fathers built,
a land of blood and tears.

This is the Land that we call home,
at the end of this cursed Age.

This is the Age that we live in,
where STORM consumes crop and kin.

This is the Tale that we will scribe,
in the Age of Ishtaria.

In the Age of Ishtaria.”


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  1. ebony says:

    keys pls 🙁

  2. alejandro says:

    working for me 😀 thanks

  3. chasi says:

    anyone having problem with this? i can’t complete the offer

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