Crests of Courage Hack – (Android/iOS)

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Crests of Courage Hack (Android & iOS)

Enjoy playing with thousands of real people playing missions, quests, and battle against world boss with this new game Crests of Courage. With this game you can also fight against each other in PVP arena with friends. Upgrade your gear using Gems, Bind Gems and Coins to dominate other players. Buying resources using real money is a pain in the head that’s why we created Crests of Courage Hack. With our Crests of Courage Hack you can get Gems, Bind Gems and Coins for free and it is very easy to use, all you have to do is to follow our simple guide that you can find bellow this article. Our Crests of Courage Hack is especially made for Android and iOS devices with or without root/jailbreak and it also have a built-in proxy features that will totally secure your account from any malicious activities.

If you have suggestions or difficulty using our latest Crests of Courage Hack, please let us know by sending an email to us and we will be glad to help you out. Enjoy your free Stuff!!!

Crests of Courage Hack

crests of courage hack

What are the Features?

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Bind Gems
Unlimited Coins
Working on Android and iOS
Root/jailbreak in not required
With built-in proxy features
Very easy to use

How to Use?

Note: This guide is for PC (desktop/laptop) users
Download the Crests of Courage Hack .zip and extract the files on your Desktop
Now run the Crests of Courage Hack .exe
Put the amount of Gems, Bind Gems and Coins in the Resources field
Select your Device (Android or iOS)
Put your Google Play Email or Game Center ID in the account info field (depending on which device you have)
Click the Start
Activate the hack using the activation key (activation key is included in the folder)
To get more keys, you have to complete a simple offer that we have given to you.
wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

Download Crests of Courage Hack

download now
PC exe


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Game Description

Join Crests of Courage as you play with thousands of other real players in real time to complete missions, quests, and battle against world bosses or even fight against each other in PVP arena. Also, Craft and trade items with players start your own business. And you can build your own house share with friends! Enjoy continuous events throughout the Year! Pet and friends may be with you during your journey.

First thing noticed about Crests of Courage is that the character models are 2D sprite-based while the environments are polygonal. This gives the game a unique visual experience
Play Crests of Courage anywhere you go! Enjoy this Real MMORPG adventure on your Mobile device!

Key Features

  • Free to play MMORPG
  • Trading system allowing players trade items they crafted with each other.
  • Quests based on rich story line.
  • House system allowing players build their own house or even mansion.
  • Play with thousands of other players in real time.
  • Diverse abilities and skills for each class.
  • Co-op with players around the world to battle world bosses.
  • Real time PVP system for players to test their skills against each other.
  • Easy Login and Tutorial for a quick jump into the action
  • Mount and Pet may be with you during your journey.

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