Epic Conquest Hack for Mobile Devices

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Epic Conquest HackĀ – Android/iOS

Get rewards by defeating you enemies in Epic Conquest. Upgrade your skills and gear your character with our latest Epic Conquest Hack. With our Epic Conquest Hack you can get free Rubies and Gold that you can use to buy in-game items without paying real money. Our Epic Conquest Hack is especially design for Android and iOS devices, root/jailbreak is not necessary for the hack to work. We also added a especial built-in proxy features that will help secure your account from any malicious activities. We also have a simple guide on how to use our Epic Conquest Hack properly.

If you still have trouble using our new Epic Conquest Hack or found a bug, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. šŸ˜€

Epic Conquest Hack

epic conquest hack

What are theĀ Features?

Unlimited Ruby
Unlimited Gold
Working on Android and iOS
Root/jailbreak in not required
With built-in proxy
Easy to use

How to Use?

Note: This guide is for PC (desktop/laptop) users only
Download the Epic Conquest Hack .zip and extract it on your Desktop
Now run the Epic Conquest Hack .exe
Put the amount of Ruby and Gold in the Resources field
choose your Device (Android or iOS)
Put your Google Play Email or Game Center ID in the account info field (depending on your device)
Click Start
Activate the hack using the activation key (activation key is included in the folder)
To get more keys, you have to complete a simple offer that we have given to you.
wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

DownloadĀ Epic Conquest Hack

download now

PC exe


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Game Features

Battle unique enemies and boss each stages with great rewards dropped.
Grind your item by battling out enemies and bosses that dropped many goods such as gold, equipment, demon souls, and even rubies — our premium currency.

Epic RPG attribute system.
As you level up, you can learn new abilities and increase four different attributes freely such as Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Vitality to match your desireable build.

Epic Skills system.
Each active skill can be leveled up every time itā€™s used. Raise your skill to destroy your enemies faster. Discover your passive skill upon reaching certain level, using mastery point, you can choose any passive skill to be taken first or maximize, to met your certain builds.

Epic Crafting system.
Four definitive craft system, consist of Dismantling, Appraising, Upgrading, and Crafting.

  • Dismantle: Convert unused equipment into materials to crafting or upgrading greater equipment
  • Appraise: Find out Hidden attributes in equipment or change it to your desired attributes
  • Upgrade: Enhance equipment power and effectiveness until the tier’s limit.
  • Craft: Create better gears to help your journey (Common, Rare, and Epic tier available)

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