Grail Fighter All Star Hack for Mobile Devices

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Grail Fighter All Star Hack (Android/iOS)

Play your favorite anime hero with this new game called Grail Fighter All Star. Challenge epic bosses, personalize your own hero and be the king of fighter using our latest Grail Fighter All Star Hack. By using our Grail Fighter All Star Hack you can get FREE Diamond and Gold by simply following our simple guide bellow this post. Our Grail Fighter All Star Hack is design to work on Android and iOS with or without root or jailbreak and it also has a built-in proxy features that will help protect your account from any malicious activities.

If you have any problem using our Grail Fighter All Star Hack please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help. Happy playing 😀

Grail Fighter All Star Hack

grail fighter all star hack

What are the Features?

Unlimited Diamond
Unlimited Gold
Working on Android and iOS
No need to Root/jailbreak your device
With built-in proxy
Very easy to use

How to Use?

Note: This guide is for PC (desktop/laptop) users only
Download the Grail Fighter All Star Hack .zip and extract it in your Desktop
Now start the Grail Fighter All Star Hack .exe
Put the amount of Diamond and Gold in the Resources field
Select a Device (Android or iOS)
Put your Google Play or Apps Store ID/Game center ID in the account info field depending on your device
Click Start
Activate the hack using the activation key (activation key is included in the folder)
To get more keys, you have to complete a simple offer that we have given to you.
wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

Download Grail Fighter All Star Hack

download now

PC exe


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Game Description

There are 46 anime heroes waiting for you on the way of Pilgrimage. You may encounter all anime heroes you like. Friends or foe, let’s join the battle with all hero at one time.

Adjust the heroes’ attributes as you wish, when comes into the Attributes of your own hero, you are the boss. Various hero has their own unique feature, but rules are made to break. Why a Support can’t be a Markman?

Various epic boss shares different attributes. You may not match with the epic boss on battle power, but don’t worry! You are on the way to be tougher. Though you may not defeat the epic boss, you got chance to obtain bountiful rewards by challenge the epic boss every day.

It will remind you memory of king of fighters. Matchmaking only takes 10 seconds, and battles last few minutes, glossing over the quiet early-game leveling up and jumping right into intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, and more thrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place, at any time, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, and immerse yourself in a fantastic world and unleash your inner wildness.

You will escort your ship and occupy various islands, says, diamond island, golden island in One Piece dungeon. By escorting your ship and occupying your island, you will obtain bountiful rewards. What are you waiting for? Our conquest is the sea of stars, we are destined to be the pirate king!

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  1. majera says:

    i tried this and all the activation keys are already used and now where can i key new activation keys?

  2. regel says:

    you guys are the best. 😀

  3. vand says:

    awesome. thank you

  4. andy says:

    how to work on my phone? unknown source? plis help me

  5. emjhey says:

    is this legit?

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