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Zombie Catchers Cheats – Trick to Get Plutonium and Coins

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Zombie Catchers Cheats (Android/iOS)

Give your intergalactic businessmen with the best weapon and start catching all the zombies to make the earth safe again while making income with this new game called Zombie Catchers. Playing Zombie Catchers will require you Plutonium and Coins to but drones and upgrade your gears. But getting this resources in game is a bit hard and time consuming. Because of this, our group decided to make Zombie Catchers Cheats. With our new Zombie Catchers Cheats, you can have unlimited Plutonium and Coins that can be use to buy drones and items. Bellow this article is an easy step by step tutorial that you have to follow to get make this work. There’s two version of Zombie Catchers Cheats, the browser and the PC version. With these 2 version, you can have free resources on your Android and iOS devices. Rooting or Jailbreaking your device is not necessary to make this cheat work. We also added a proxy features to protect your account from being exposed to anyone.

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