War of Rings Hack – Get Daimonds & B.Diamonds

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War of Rings Hack for Android/iOS

Travel the world of elves’ dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, Cyclopes and others with this awesome new 3D MMORPG game called War of Rings. This game has many different features such as free equipment system, free trade system and social system. The game offers in-app purchase that will help you in your journey by paying real money. Because of this in-app purchase, we created War of Rings Hack. With our new War of Rings Hack, you can get Diamonds and B.Diamonds that you can use to get in-game items for free. All you have to do is follow this easy step by step guide that can bee seen at the bottom of this post.

Our War of Rings Hack has 2 version, the PC and the browser version that can be use in mobile to get the resources. It is not necessary to root/jailbreak your device to make our hack work. We also have a built-in proxy added to the software to make sure that your account is 100% safe.

Our new War of Rings Hack is now ready to be download. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by sending an email or by going to our Contact Us page. Thanks and happy playing!


War of Rings Hack

war of rings hack

What are the Features?

Limited amount of Diamond
Limited amount of B.Diamond
Working on all mobile devices such as Android and iOS
No need to Root or jailbreak
With built-in proxy
User Friendly

How to Use?

Note: This tutorial is for PC (desktop/laptop) users only
Download the War of Rings Hack .zip and extract it in your Desktop
Now run the War of Rings Hack .exe
Insert the amount of Diamond and B.Diamond in the Resources field
choose a Device (Android or iOS)
Put your Google Play or Apps Store ID/Game center ID in the account info field depending on which device you have
Click Start
Activate the hack using the activation key (activation key can be found in War of Rings Hack folder)
To get more keys, you have to complete a simple offer that we have given to you.
wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

Download War of Rings Hack

download now

PC exe


war of rings hack screenshot

Game Description

New Era, offline auto-combat

Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses, creating a win-win situation for both work and play.

Advancement, exclusive customization system

This game features a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see fit, outside the constraints of a traditional class system. You can acquire your very own exclusive titles, spectacular skills and featured looks.

Cool mounts, customizable looks

Dozens of cool mounts including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your service, customizable equipment and splendid wings will make you stand out of the ordinary.

Trade freely, buy or sell equipment

In the trade market of this game, you can freely sell any unused or extra equipment you obtained from killing bosses or completing quests. None of your resources or time shall be wasted.

Team PvE, fierce PvP

PvP is allowed on all maps. You can team up to take on high level players and if you are lucky enough to give the finishing blow, then the ultimate equipment is yours. Team up to tackle the World Bosses, high drop rate makes this game more thrilling and exciting.

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  1. Abdul says:

    I need new key plzz I’m not continue my program

  2. Abdul says:

    I need new key

  3. mynba says:

    Sir i need more keys for my second account and i already used all of my email in the offer so i can’t get anymore so please send it to my email here wendling2@gmail.com. thank you in advance

  4. Seed says:

    Give me some code or key

  5. oracle24 says:

    Can we get keys without doing the offer? I only got the keys once and now it’s not working.

  6. ale des says:

    Thank you so much for posting this.. will i need a key to open it….

  7. juellie2 says:

    Hey i got 4 keys from the offer and only 3 of them works so can you send 1 more key to my email if it’s possible. juellie2@gmail.com

  8. Marjory says:

    Je vous remercie

  9. Marjory says:

    Guys need dias please can you give me some of your grace please i need it for trading please guys

  10. Turoc says:

    I need gems

  11. yel says:

    its work

  12. nerdz says:

    Can’t get new keys. What the heck.

  13. Luke says:

    kindly send to my email a new keys to activate

  14. prayoga says:

    more working keys please

  15. diyaw says:

    pls..send me new key… i already used the 2 and i need more

  16. karas says:

    plis send a new kay, i cant prosses that frm indonesia !

  17. Catena says:

    thank you sir/ma’am

  18. kirito says:

    need new keys. i cant finish the offer did so many times

  19. neth says:

    What region is needed to have an offer?
    It says that there is no offer in your region this time.

  20. aconk says:

    need key for aktive

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